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Got Pests?

One of our expert "Barn Buddies" is ready to work for you!

Our BARN BUDDIES are 100% all-natural, pesticide-free rodent controllers. These beautiful, healthy cats are pros at keeping pesky critters from moving in. They don’t need much – some food, water and a warm place to sleep. And they always protect your turf, whether it’s a barn, warehouse, garage, deck, store, brewery – anywhere you have a potential pest problem.

What WE Provide:

  • Someone to catch those pesky pests at no charge (fee of $25/cat waived, but donations appreciated).
  • Cats that are fully vetted – spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated.
  • Acclimation instructions to help your new cats feel secure in their new location.
  • Free delivery

What YOU Provide:

  • A second chance for a pair of homeless cats who would otherwise be euthanized. (We prefer that you adopt at least two cats for bonding.)
  • Daily food, water and shelter – cats cannot live on mice alone!
  • Veterinary care – as needed
  • A small, safe place for your new cats to acclimate for the first two weeks.

Trap-Neuter Release

Learn more about Trap-Neuter-Release Information.

Our Mission

The mission of SPOT is to "Educate the public on the plight of abandoned pets, and to provide humane care, treatment and suitable homes for animals without owners."